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Olympus Series Update!

Sacred Bride, Book Three of our new series Olympus is out now, written in partnership with fellow New Zealand author David Hair

The books are adult fantasy novels set in Ancient Greece just before the Trojan War, and told through the eyes of Odysseus, the wily hero whose later exploits are described in Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey. The Olympus series is a prequel to those epics, and relates how Odysseus, a young Bronze Age prince from a remote island kingdom, won his reputation for cunning and martial prowess.

The Bronze Age kingdoms of Achaea (modern Greece) face the rising dominance of Troy, a powerful kingdom allied to the mighty Hittite Empire. Even their own gods are divided between these two powers. Follow Odysseus as he enters this deadly struggle, discovering his secret heritage while doing battle for and against some of the greatest heroes of the age. In Oracle’s War, you can enter the world of Athena and Zeus, visit the fiery realm of Hephaestus, witness the Sack of Thebes and learn the secrets of the oracles.

Book One Athena’s Champion was released by Canelo Publishing in November 2018, and Oracle’s War, the second book of the series, was released in April 2019.

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