A day of book launches

Sun 30th Jun 2013


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What a fantastic day I’ve had launching my book!

First of all a huge thank you to all the wonderful people at Glendowie College who made me feel so welcome. The PowerPoint presentation went really well – I’ve always loved pictures, so how come I’ve ended up a novelist? Ah well, it turns out I love words too. I didn’t get tongue-tied, giving my talk, AND I didn’t knock my glass of water over the computer, which was always on the cards.

And then a quick bite to eat and on to Alexandra Park to prepare for my evening book launch. The Park is a horse racing venue for harness racers – trotters and pacers – and I decided to mark the launch by sponsoring a race. The Bronze Age Stakes was the closest I could get to celebrating this great day in Ancient Greek style. They always had chariot races on special days.

Thanks so much to all my wonderful friends who came along – over a hundred of you – to help me set the sail and push my book off to a great start. And thanks to all of you who couldn’t make it but sent me such fabulous, supportive emails and messages. I was so flat-out signing copies, it felt a bit like a wedding because I only had a few moments to spend with each of you. And it wasn’t till after the signings and the race that I realised I’d only had a tiny sip of my wine, The Blood of Atreus red. Those of you who have already read the book will know why we called it that!

But – taking the wedding metaphor a little further –  instead of marrying my book, I was actually letting it go,  a lovable but grumpy teenager turned fully-fledged grown up at last. Such a strange feelingCatherine Mayo and the winner of the Bronze Age Stakes. No more revisions, no more editing – finished. It’s yours now.

If you go to my author page on my Facebook site (Catherine Mayo/Catherine Mayo author) I’ve set up a photo album so I can share some of the moments with those who couldn’t be there.

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