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Sun 19th May 2013


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It was such a good feeling sending off a hard copy of Murder at Mykenai to my mentor, William Taylor. He’s been so generous with his help and encouragement over the years since I first sent him my draft manuscript. At last I can give him something tangible back (bottles of wine and jars of feijoa chutney don’t really count!). And I even signed it for him …

Finally a real copy in my hand

Mon 29th Apr 2013


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My advance copy of Murder at Mykenai has just arrived in the post. I’m finding it hard to put down, and when I do, my eye keeps coming back to it. At last I’m a real, published author!
I love the way Gayna has designed the pages, using elements from the cover to mark off the new chapters. This is so exciting!

And I’m thrilled to bits that Murder is coming out as an ebook too. Well done, Walker.

Fabulous cover design for Murder at Mykenai

Thu 14th Mar 2013

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I’ve just seen the new cover for Murder at Mykenai and it’s a stunner. Nicole Onslow and Gayna Murphy have done a fabulous job. It’s very simple but it says huge amounts about the book by combining the triple elements of action/adventure, danger and friendship into one image.

The menacing promise of the title, the excitement of the escape scenes, the predatory villain, the sea battle – all these things make for a really fast, gripping read. You could illustrate all of this with pictures of swords and blood. But then it would look just like any book about swords and blood.

Or you could have a cosy sort of picture of Odysseus and Menelaos, perhaps with Argos in there somewhere, wagging his tail, which would tell the reader about the strength of the two boys’ friendship but not much else.

Somehow they’ve managed to gather it all together. And the style is modern but also as firmly set in Ancient Greece as an ancient vase painting. If I were browsing in a bookshop, I would want to buy this book. Not that I’m biased …

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