My second book, The Bow, signed to Walker

Wed 20th Nov 2013


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I am hugely excited and daunted
Odysseus and the Bow -Wyethat the same time!

Excited because Walker have signed up my second book, a sequel to Murder at Mykenai called The Bow. Publication date is June 2014 – an excuse for another party! The book tells how Odysseus came to own the great bow which he famously (and much later) shot the dastardly suitors with at the end of The Odyssey.

For Odyssey buffs, the Homeric version comes at the start of Book 21: Odysseus “though a mere boy at the time” has been sent by his father and the Ithakan elders to Messenia, to retrieve 300 stolen sheep and their shepherds. There he meets … but that would be spoiling the story.

How did Odysseus acquire such an extraordinary weapon as such a young age? After all, this bow was rivalled only by the great bow of Herakles (Hercules to non-Homeric buffs). I had to work backwards to find the threads that might have woven themselves together to create such a startling result.

As with Murder at Mykenai, I’ve taken a small strand of mythology and expanded it into a much larger story. And this is where the daunting part comes in! I was having so much fun, my word count ballooned out to 85,000 words – 25,000 more than Walker Books want.

Yup, three words out of every ten have to go. So right now I have my pruning shears in hand – you might think “chainsaw” rather than “secateurs”. And we’ve all viewed gardens that have been pruned that way. But it’s proving to be a really enjoyable exercise – a bit like polishing a gemstone. The more I rub away, the brighter and clearer the story gets.

Wish me luck!


Murder on Amazon!

Tue 15th Oct 2013


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Murder on Amazon

Yes! “Murder at Mykenai “ has finally made its way onto what most people think IS ebook territory, pure and simple – Go to   or just search under “Murder at Mykenai” or “Catherine Mayo”.

Amazon hasn’t quite equalled Google – when we want to buy an ebook, we don’t say “I’ll Amazon it”, in the way we say “I’ll Google it” when we’re searching for information. And yet, over the last few months, whenever I or my friends were checking to see whether Walker had managed to conquer the e-demons and turn Murder at Mykenai in to an ebook yet, it was to Amazon that we went.

But there are lots of other ebook sites, and lots of online bookseller sites which include ebook options, besides Amazon. And it’s not as though everyone is using a Kindle as their reading device. Lots of people have a different brand of pad or tablet, which can limit where and how they buy their ebook.

When I first got my iPad (yes, I’m an iPad girl) I went hunting round the iBooks store. There were a few delirious moments while I downloaded all my favourite Jane Austins for free. And then … maybe my choice of reading is weird. Different, anyway. I couldn’t find title after title of contemporary fiction I wanted. But there they all were on Amazon.

Grizzling and moaning gets you a long way – or at least, it gets non-computer-savvy people a long way when they grizzle and moan to much-more-computer-savvy family and friends. Before you could say “Pride and Prejudice” I had the “Kindle Store” app downloaded onto my iPad (thank you, Alan!) and I was away. It hasn’t done my credit card balance much good (“But darling, it was only $4.99” – only repeated umpteen times a month).

A BIG thank you to Walker Books Australia for persevering – they are new to the ebook process and I’m one of their first titles to go this way. Having listened to my writer friends wail about the head-scratching, hair-pulling ordeal of creating and lodging ebooks in cyberspace, it’s interesting to note that publishers can go through the same teething problems.

But here we are, at last. Crack open a bubbly – or a bottle of Mykenai Estate vintage 1295BC red, if you have one!


Murder at Mykenai ebook

Wed 18th Sep 2013


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Murder at Mykenai is now outMurder at Mykenai final front cover (1) as an ebook!!

It hasn’t quite made it onto Amazon, but Walker Books have told me that’s coming. In the meantime, here are 5 sites you can buy it from, with a few tips for eMorons like me…


Here’s a direct link to my ebook at a good price! No search panels required – this will take you straight there.

2. Bookworld Australia

Note: this is a different site to the NZ bookshop Bookworld in Blenheim

Just enter Murder at Mykenai into the search panel at

3. Dymocks Australia

This is their online store for both the ebook and paperback . Again, use the search panel at   They haven’t loaded the cover art on to the site – rather boring of them!


They are a US based site  Again, just use the search panel to find the book.

5. iTunes through their iBook store.

You need to have downloaded iTunes and the iBooks app onto your computer, iPad or iPhone. THEN, if you’re in Australia, you’ll find Murder at Mykenai, easy as.

BUT if you’re in New Zealand or elsewhere, you’ll have to reset your regional setting to “Australia” to find it. Being a bit of a computer ningnong, I have no idea how to do this.

Happy eReading!



Prequels and Sequels

Sun 1st Sep 2013


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Ulysses and Penelope by Honore DaumierHow often do we wonder what happens to our favourite characters in fiction after we’ve read the final pages   of a book? This urge to continue the story is what drives our love of sequels – trilogies, quartets and extended series, whose publication can span decades. And then there are prequels, those fascinating glimpses into our characters before they became the person we came to know and love.

Odysseus is and was no stranger to this curiosity. Murder at Mykenai  is very much an attempt by me to find out what happened to Odysseus and Menelaus before the start of the Trojan War, based on a snippet of mythology about Menelaus’s father.

The Odyssey itself is a sequel to The Iliad, that epic poem about the destruction of Troy. In its pages we catch glimpses of other sequels, as the surviving kings were either swept away by storms at sea or returned to Greece to meet with rebellion and betrayal. And although Homer tries to reassure us, at the end of The Odyssey, that Odysseus and Penelope and Telemachus do finally live happily ever after, there have plenty of people who dreamed up a different picture.

Tennyson had Odysseus sail away from Penelope’s arms, westward through the Gates of Hercules. Nikos Kazantzakis has him head off in the opposite direction, accompanied by Helen, on the basis that she was a much more interesting character than Penelope and she and Odysseus must have been made for each other. Other, more ancient writers had him banished from Ithaka, all ignoring Teireisias’s prophecy of a happy old age at home.

Honore Daumier, on the other hand, has his own insight into Odysseus’s return, as we can see in the picture he drew of our hero’s homecoming night. I suspect from the fact Odysseus is lying on his back, he was snoring loudly through that great honk of a nose – something else Penelope needed to employ her much-vaunted patience to cope with.

And C K Stead has added to the tradition in his poem, The Death of Odysseus, in his new collection The Yellow Buoy (AUP). It’s a great poem and well worth tracking down.

My stunning Glendowie College book launch

Mon 29th Jul 2013


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Now I’ve had time to digest all the amazing things that have happened to me over the last month, I want to pick out one of the major highlights.

The most stunning way to start building a relationship between my book and the NZ school community was to have my school book launch at Glendowie College. To introduce Murder at Mykenai to 500 Year 9 and 10 students was incredibly exciting. They gave me such a warm welcome, they loved my start turn (the replica Greek Bronze Age sword), they laughed in a kind way at my blooper-of-the-day, and presented me afterwards with a very special bonus in the form of several large, A3 size, thank you cards.The messages, major and minor, are so generous and enthusiastic, and show that they really embraced what I had to say. What a fantastic first audience. I’m incredibly grateful to Robin Harding and the English department for organising the two sessions.

P1030508 (1)P1030511 P1030512Glendowie book launch compressed 2 Glendowie book launch CompressedHere are some shots of the cards, and I’ve also included a couple of photos taken outside the hall by the photography teacher, Jeanette Bell.

There are more photos, which I’m putting on my Facebook Catherine Mayo Author page. Yay!



A day of book launches

Sun 30th Jun 2013


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What a fantastic day I’ve had launching my book!

First of all a huge thank you to all the wonderful people at Glendowie College who made me feel so welcome. The PowerPoint presentation went really well – I’ve always loved pictures, so how come I’ve ended up a novelist? Ah well, it turns out I love words too. I didn’t get tongue-tied, giving my talk, AND I didn’t knock my glass of water over the computer, which was always on the cards.

And then a quick bite to eat and on to Alexandra Park to prepare for my evening book launch. The Park is a horse racing venue for harness racers – trotters and pacers – and I decided to mark the launch by sponsoring a race. The Bronze Age Stakes was the closest I could get to celebrating this great day in Ancient Greek style. They always had chariot races on special days.

Thanks so much to all my wonderful friends who came along – over a hundred of you – to help me set the sail and push my book off to a great start. And thanks to all of you who couldn’t make it but sent me such fabulous, supportive emails and messages. I was so flat-out signing copies, it felt a bit like a wedding because I only had a few moments to spend with each of you. And it wasn’t till after the signings and the race that I realised I’d only had a tiny sip of my wine, The Blood of Atreus red. Those of you who have already read the book will know why we called it that!

But – taking the wedding metaphor a little further –  instead of marrying my book, I was actually letting it go,  a lovable but grumpy teenager turned fully-fledged grown up at last. Such a strange feelingCatherine Mayo and the winner of the Bronze Age Stakes. No more revisions, no more editing – finished. It’s yours now.

If you go to my author page on my Facebook site (Catherine Mayo/Catherine Mayo author) I’ve set up a photo album so I can share some of the moments with those who couldn’t be there.

Preparing for Murder at Mykenai book launch

Sat 22nd Jun 2013


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My book launch for Murder at Mykenai is less than a week away and I’m getting pretty excited about it. The crazy launch idea I had ages ago is finally coming true.

The Ancient Greeks celebrated great events with chariot races and I’m doing the same thing, by sponsoring a harness race at the Trots called The Bronze Age Stakes. We will be toasting the race and the book with a red wine labelled The Blood of Atreus (the book will explain why the name is appropriate, if a little tasteless, you might say – the wine on the other hand is very tasty indeed). For white wine drinkers, there’s The White Owl of Athena Chardonnay.

Both wines are dated 1295BC – a good vintage, as I remember …  But seriously, that’s the year my book begins, more or less.

Alexandra Park, the racetrack where the launch takes place, is treating us very well. It’s an unusual sponsor event for them, but they’re entering into the spirit of it with lots of on-course publicity.

It will be a night to remember.

Book launch wine label

Thanks to Bill…

Sun 19th May 2013


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It was such a good feeling sending off a hard copy of Murder at Mykenai to my mentor, William Taylor. He’s been so generous with his help and encouragement over the years since I first sent him my draft manuscript. At last I can give him something tangible back (bottles of wine and jars of feijoa chutney don’t really count!). And I even signed it for him …

Finally a real copy in my hand

Mon 29th Apr 2013


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My advance copy of Murder at Mykenai has just arrived in the post. I’m finding it hard to put down, and when I do, my eye keeps coming back to it. At last I’m a real, published author!
I love the way Gayna has designed the pages, using elements from the cover to mark off the new chapters. This is so exciting!

And I’m thrilled to bits that Murder is coming out as an ebook too. Well done, Walker.

Fabulous cover design for Murder at Mykenai

Thu 14th Mar 2013

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I’ve just seen the new cover for Murder at Mykenai and it’s a stunner. Nicole Onslow and Gayna Murphy have done a fabulous job. It’s very simple but it says huge amounts about the book by combining the triple elements of action/adventure, danger and friendship into one image.

The menacing promise of the title, the excitement of the escape scenes, the predatory villain, the sea battle – all these things make for a really fast, gripping read. You could illustrate all of this with pictures of swords and blood. But then it would look just like any book about swords and blood.

Or you could have a cosy sort of picture of Odysseus and Menelaos, perhaps with Argos in there somewhere, wagging his tail, which would tell the reader about the strength of the two boys’ friendship but not much else.

Somehow they’ve managed to gather it all together. And the style is modern but also as firmly set in Ancient Greece as an ancient vase painting. If I were browsing in a bookshop, I would want to buy this book. Not that I’m biased …

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