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Directly below you’ll find a free bookplate, which you can copy, print out and paste onto a front page of my book, Murder at Mykenai. There’s also a bookmark, which you can paste onto a piece of cardboard, cut to size and use to keep your place – that’s assuming you don’t read the book all in one go!

Enjoy the Murder at Mykenai quiz – not all the answers can be found in Murder at Mykenai but the internet and your imagination will help! And the answers are just a click away.

Free Bookplate

This lovely bookplate was designed for me by artist Nicole Onslow, the same person who drew the cover art for Murder at Mykenai. You’ll notice the figures of the boys are similar to the ones on the book cover. Some of the other detail is taken from Ancient Greek pottery made at the time Odysseus and Menelaos were alive. (Note for non-geeks: To make sure it prints out at the right size, unclick the “Fit to Page” function, during the printing process.)

Murder at Mykenai -  Free Bookplate

Download the Bookplate

Free bookmark

Nicole drew this great bookmark for me as well. You’ll recognise the silhouettes of the boys from the bookplate. I love the bull and the bird. They have nothing to do with the plot of Murder at Mykenai but they’re such fun drawings – again from Greek Bronze Age pots – I had to have Nicole put them in.  (Note for non-geeks: To make sure it prints out at the right size, unclick the “Fit to Page” function, during the printing process.)

Murder at Mykenai -  Free Bookmark

Download the Bookmark

Storylines Schools Tour 2014

I’m Odysseus, it’s 3300 years ago, back in Bronze Age Greece, and I’m sitting in class, working out my maths on my wax tablet, because there isn’t any paper. It’s not that the teacher has run out of paper – there’s no such thing as paper in Bronze Age Greece. At some point, I might have to put my hand up and ask to leave the classroom. Nowadays, I’d be wanting paper for something else.

Okay. I’ve got to go. You know where.  I head off to the earth closet – it’s like a long drop. And I sit down and then … NO PAPER.Toilet roll 2

Maybe I do what the Romans did later. It involves – a jug, a stick, something that’s found in the sea off the north coast of Africa and something liquid to do with grapevines.

And the answer?

The Romans kept a jug full of vinegar next to the toilet, In the jug was a wooden stick with a sponge tied onto the end – real sponges grow (like seaweed) on the sea bed, especially off the north coast of Africa. The ancient Greeks and Romans used to send divers down to harvest them. The sponge in the jug would soak up the vinegar and you could use it to rinse yourself off.

Gross, but perhaps no more gross than what we do now.

Storylines quiz 2013

Match these Greek gods with their Roman counterparts:

Zeus                                                     Neptune

Hera                                                     Venus

Poseidon                                             Jove/Juppiter

Aphrodite                                          Pluto

Hades                                                   Juno

Hermes                                                Bacchus

Dionysus                                             Mercury

Many Greek mythological names appear in modern life.

1. Name a sports company that is named after the Greek god of victory.

2. Name a car that is named after a long journey taken by Odysseus.

3. Name a book of maps named after the character from mythology who holds up the world.

4. Name a space ship that was named after the Greek god of the sun.

5. Name a computer virus named after a military trick used in the Trojan War.


Quiz questions for Murder at Mykenai

  1. How many siblings (brothers and sisters) does Menelaos have? Are you told their names?
  2. Where does the ostrich come from and how do you think it travelled to Mykenai?
  3. Why does Odysseus want to make a sword, in Ch 8? Do you think the reason he gives the other boys is the true one?
  4. Were Bronze Age chariots heavy or light? What were they made of? In The Iliad of Homer, a hero picks up a chariot during a night raid and carries it off, balanced about his head. Is this possible or do you think Homer was giving him super-human strength?
  5. What was the perfumed oil in Ch 11 being used for?

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