Glendowie College Year 10’s read Murder at Mykenai

Sun 24th Aug 2014


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Glendowie’s magnificent Robin Harding wrote the Teacher Resources for Murder at Mykenai last year. Now she’s taught Murder at Mykenai to two of her Year 10 English classes.

Robin lent me a great pile of class assignments to read through. It was a fascinating process to find out how all these students related to the book and discover what they thought and felt. I’ve always believed that once a book is released out into the world, it is no longer “mine” but everyone’s.

Some of the class work was stunning, and I’ve chosen four examples to showcase what great students Glendowie College has – thank you, Grace, Nathan, Brooke and Maya!

Grace was asked to write a postcard from Menelaos to his older brother Agamemnon…

Murder at Mykenai class assignments Grace

Nathan and Brooke had a series of questions to answer about the early chapters: Pandora’s box; a comparison between Atreus and Thyestes; Menelaos’s nurse’s actions in Ch 12; the switch in perspective between Ch 12 and Ch 13; Menelaos’s family relationship to Palamedes; the title of the book and its meaning; and a comparison between Odysseus and Menelaos (note: if you find the writing too small, just click on the page image).

Murder at Mykenai class assessment 33

Murder at Mykenai class assessment 34

Murder at Mykenai class assessment 3Maya tackled the climactic chapters in the middle with insight and skill (spoiler alert – don’t read this if you haven’t already finished the book!):

Murder at Mykenai class assignments  24

Murder at Mykenai class assignments  25

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