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Wed 18th Sep 2013


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Murder at Mykenai is now outMurder at Mykenai final front cover (1) as an ebook!!

It hasn’t quite made it onto Amazon, but Walker Books have told me that’s coming. In the meantime, here are 5 sites you can buy it from, with a few tips for eMorons like me…


Here’s a direct link to my ebook at a good price! No search panels required – this will take you straight there.

2. Bookworld Australia

Note: this is a different site to the NZ bookshop Bookworld in Blenheim

Just enter Murder at Mykenai into the search panel at

3. Dymocks Australia

This is their online store for both the ebook and paperback . Again, use the search panel at   They haven’t loaded the cover art on to the site – rather boring of them!


They are a US based site  Again, just use the search panel to find the book.

5. iTunes through their iBook store.

You need to have downloaded iTunes and the iBooks app onto your computer, iPad or iPhone. THEN, if you’re in Australia, you’ll find Murder at Mykenai, easy as.

BUT if you’re in New Zealand or elsewhere, you’ll have to reset your regional setting to “Australia” to find it. Being a bit of a computer ningnong, I have no idea how to do this.

Happy eReading!



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