Murder on Amazon!

Tue 15th Oct 2013


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Murder on Amazon

Yes! “Murder at Mykenai “ has finally made its way onto what most people think IS ebook territory, pure and simple – Go to   or just search under “Murder at Mykenai” or “Catherine Mayo”.

Amazon hasn’t quite equalled Google – when we want to buy an ebook, we don’t say “I’ll Amazon it”, in the way we say “I’ll Google it” when we’re searching for information. And yet, over the last few months, whenever I or my friends were checking to see whether Walker had managed to conquer the e-demons and turn Murder at Mykenai in to an ebook yet, it was to Amazon that we went.

But there are lots of other ebook sites, and lots of online bookseller sites which include ebook options, besides Amazon. And it’s not as though everyone is using a Kindle as their reading device. Lots of people have a different brand of pad or tablet, which can limit where and how they buy their ebook.

When I first got my iPad (yes, I’m an iPad girl) I went hunting round the iBooks store. There were a few delirious moments while I downloaded all my favourite Jane Austins for free. And then … maybe my choice of reading is weird. Different, anyway. I couldn’t find title after title of contemporary fiction I wanted. But there they all were on Amazon.

Grizzling and moaning gets you a long way – or at least, it gets non-computer-savvy people a long way when they grizzle and moan to much-more-computer-savvy family and friends. Before you could say “Pride and Prejudice” I had the “Kindle Store” app downloaded onto my iPad (thank you, Alan!) and I was away. It hasn’t done my credit card balance much good (“But darling, it was only $4.99” – only repeated umpteen times a month).

A BIG thank you to Walker Books Australia for persevering – they are new to the ebook process and I’m one of their first titles to go this way. Having listened to my writer friends wail about the head-scratching, hair-pulling ordeal of creating and lodging ebooks in cyberspace, it’s interesting to note that publishers can go through the same teething problems.

But here we are, at last. Crack open a bubbly – or a bottle of Mykenai Estate vintage 1295BC red, if you have one!


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  1. I love that scene from the Odyssey, used to tell that s oral storytelling.

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