About the Book

Imagine you’re in Greece over three thousand  years ago. You’ve just climbed onto a roof and there’s a 14-year old boy with a shaved head staring at you. His name is Menelaos and he’s the younger son of the High King of Greece; he’s grown up in Mykenai surrounded by power, intrigue, luxury and incalculable wealth, and he ought to be one of the luckiest people in the world. But he’s not.

In less than a year, his whole world has disintegrated and he’s on the run, trying to escape his father’s assassins and worse. And you, Odysseus, the mischievous son of the king of Ithaka, are the only person who can save him. Your head is already full of questions. What became of Menelaos’s mother? And why will no one mention her name? Why was Menelaos being hidden from his father? Who is his father? And what about Menelaos’s cousin, Palamedes? What part is he playing in this unfolding disaster?

You must help him; you know you hold the key to his survival. But somehow your great ideas aren’t as successful as you hoped.