About the Book

How would you feel if your grandfather had just died? Pretty bad, eh?

But how would you feel if your grandfather hated you? And what if he’d left a great pile of gold but he’d hidden it right under the noses of your most deadly enemies? How would you feel if you needed the gold to protect your best friend Menelaos against his father’s murderer, Thyestes?

These are the questions you – Odysseus, son of the king of Ithaka – face when you set out to find the gold. They’re soon to be joined by a whole load of other problems. What happens when you try and befriend a slave girl called Skotia and she thinks you’re than most disgusting greaseball on earth? Do you stay disguised as a fat Cypriot servant? Or remove the disguise and risk betrayal and death?

How are you going to get back to Ithaka, when all Thyestes’s men are determined to hunt you down? What is the secret of the Great Bow of Eurytos? And why has Skotia come looking for you? Can she really save your life?