My stunning Glendowie College book launch

Mon 29th Jul 2013


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Now I’ve had time to digest all the amazing things that have happened to me over the last month, I want to pick out one of the major highlights.

The most stunning way to start building a relationship between my book and the NZ school community was to have my school book launch at Glendowie College. To introduce Murder at Mykenai to 500 Year 9 and 10 students was incredibly exciting. They gave me such a warm welcome, they loved my start turn (the replica Greek Bronze Age sword), they laughed in a kind way at my blooper-of-the-day, and presented me afterwards with a very special bonus in the form of several large, A3 size, thank you cards.The messages, major and minor, are so generous and enthusiastic, and show that they really embraced what I had to say. What a fantastic first audience. I’m incredibly grateful to Robin Harding and the English department for organising the two sessions.

P1030508 (1)P1030511 P1030512Glendowie book launch compressed 2 Glendowie book launch CompressedHere are some shots of the cards, and I’ve also included a couple of photos taken outside the hall by the photography teacher, Jeanette Bell.

There are more photos, which I’m putting on my Facebook Catherine Mayo Author page. Yay!



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