Preparing for Murder at Mykenai book launch

Sat 22nd Jun 2013


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My book launch for Murder at Mykenai is less than a week away and I’m getting pretty excited about it. The crazy launch idea I had ages ago is finally coming true.

The Ancient Greeks celebrated great events with chariot races and I’m doing the same thing, by sponsoring a harness race at the Trots called The Bronze Age Stakes. We will be toasting the race and the book with a red wine labelled The Blood of Atreus (the book will explain why the name is appropriate, if a little tasteless, you might say – the wine on the other hand is very tasty indeed). For white wine drinkers, there’s The White Owl of Athena Chardonnay.

Both wines are dated 1295BC – a good vintage, as I remember …  But seriously, that’s the year my book begins, more or less.

Alexandra Park, the racetrack where the launch takes place, is treating us very well. It’s an unusual sponsor event for them, but they’re entering into the spirit of it with lots of on-course publicity.

It will be a night to remember.

Book launch wine label

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  1. janicemarriott says:

    just to say I have dropped in. Impressive!

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